What is TX ZOMBIE HUNT????



TX ZOMBIE HUNT is not a haunted house but an interactive, real-time, first-person shooter experience (live action video game of sorts) where you get to shoot without return shots. You and others are carried through a city where the zombie horde is reported to be on our custom barges and you use the paintball guns filled with zombie killing serum to eliminate as many zombies as possible. Only you can wipe out the zombies. Have fun shooting the zombies to save our world. This is a one of a kind adventure and it only happens in October. A true Zombie Hunting experience!  Sign up now to SAVE YOUR CITY!      WILL YOU STEP UP TO THE CHALLENGE? TX ZOMBIE HUNT is perfect for 6yrs old and up. 

Hunting season starts 10-6-2017 and is every FRIDAY 7pm-11pm through 11-24-2017. Gates open at 6:45pm Happy Hunting….

TX ZOMBE HUNT offers fun for everyone….

Ride + W/50 zombie bullets…$20.00 Come out and help us eliminate the horde of zombies attacking Brookshire TX that is making its way to Houston. TX Zombie Hunt ride with 50 ZOMBIE KILLING BULLETS.

VIP RIDE PASS…$30.00 This ticket entitles holder to 1 ride on the Zombie HUNT BARGE, 50 zombie killing bullets, and *FAST PASS. *FAST PASS lines are much shorter and wait times are usually less than 1 hour.

Extra ammo…50 zombie bullets $5.00/100 zombie bullets $10.00

Ride along only…$5.00

Haunted Trail….$10.00. Walk our Haunted Trail if you dare. Fun for all ages.

Zombie Shooting gallery….$10.00 with 100 Zombie killing bullets. Practice for the ride of your life.

Do you have group pricing? Yes! 10 hunters for $325.00.00. This gives you and 10 friends one hunt with 100 zombie bullets each and ride on the next open barge.

Are there refunds? No. If you didn’t like it, your shoes got wet, you hated standing in line, your kid was too scared, you felt sick, you were scared, your boyfriend made you, the wait was too long, you saw your ex, or if you peed your pants…these are great excuses, but there will be NO REFUNDS under any circumstances.


Owner and head hunter at TX ZOMBIE HUNT.
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