Parking and Safety…..

Do you have parking? Yes! The parking lot is a mixture of crushed rock and concrete with dirt. Your car may get dirty and you may also. Remember this is a ZOMBIE hunt and they don’t care how you look.


Common Safety Answers…

Is the hunt wheelchair accessible? Wheelchairs are allowed. We ask you contact us prior to arriving at so that we can prearrange a staff helper for you!

Can I wear Halloween costumes or masks to the hunt? Yes to costumes, no to masks. For the safety of the guests and staff, please leave your masks at home. TX ZOMBIE HUNT is not responsible for your costume getting damaged, muddy or wet. Masks found will be confiscated or you will be asked to leave. If you want to scare your friends, please contact to join our acting team; we will provide the blood, makeup and masks!
Can I bring my backpack, bag, or purse? No. For everyone’s safety, please leave all valuables at home, this includes purses, bags and backpacks. Backpacks, bags, and purses beyond the parking lot will be searched or security will ask you to leave it your vehicle. Buy your tickets online and save the hassle!
What if it rains? Then we all get wet! TX ZOMBIE HUNT will remain open, rain or moonshine! Severe weather may cause closures (like storms or high winds), so check our website before coming down for closure info! Remember your online purchased tickets are good for the purchased date only
What should I wear to the hunt? This is Texas, and a outdoor hunt, keyword is outdoors. Expect cool weather (even on clear nights), fog, drizzle, and mud. We recommend ankle support shoes or boots (flip flops not recommended). It’s Texas, dress in layers.
Are there restrooms? Yes, there is an ample supply of portable bathrooms onsite; located in the line queue and out in front of the parking lot.
Is there security? Yes. Security crew will be present each night to enforce the event rules. Follow the basic rules and everyone will have fun!
What are the rules?
No pushing

No fighting

No running (where ya gonna go?)

No vandalism to the scenes, signs or property

No line cutting (how lame!)

No vandalizing, breaking or throwing items.

No hiding in the woods (you never know what will be behind you).

No smoking (WOODS!! No really, there is a lot of wood!)

No alcohol (including unopened mini bottles on your person!)

No pets (especially dogs, rats, squirrels or opposums)

No weapons (you’re that scared?)

No touching the actors in any way!

No drinking or drugs in the line or parking lot

Anyone appearing ‘under the influence or intoxicated’ will be asked to leave, subject to our judgment. More rules are available at the hunt. For ours and your safety, violators will be asked to leave, NO REFUNDS. Be a guest not a ghoul!

What if I get caught breaking a rule? You will be asked to leave by security regardless of where or how the rule was broken. Safety to our guests and staff is top priority!


Owner and head hunter at TX ZOMBIE HUNT.
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